How can my network become SEC-certified?

Besides the tests that we perform on the products there is a health control on DNS and IPv6 tunnels according to the check-list below.

For further information regarding the routines for SEC-certification on networks, please contact Absilion.

1. DNS health-checks:

  • Absilion and Interlan creates a list of approved operators which validates DNSSEC based on SEC-certificates.
  • In every order, portal or corresponding, any SEC-certificated city network must refer to this list of approved operators.
  • Any new operators who are going to deliver Internet services through a SEC-certificated network must validate DNSSEC.
  • The requirement on DNSSEC still applies on networks with only one operator.
    It is not possible to approve the network and then not approve them as an operator.
  • Validation of DNSSEC will be a requirement for all operators 2011-03-01.

2. IPv6 Connectivity:

  • Health and reachability are checked on the closest Teredo server and 6to4 gateway. We prefer that every operator got a 6to4 and a Teredo relay/gateway.

Approved operators in SEC-certified networks are allowed to use the SEC-DNSSEC logo on their web-page and in their campaigns.